Asian Forum on Alzheimer's Dementia 2018

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  • Advocate collaboration for Alzheimer's disease (AD) research in Asia.
  • Initiate East-Asian bio and medical data sharing and international co-projects
  • Propel East-Asian international co-projects: securing global initiatives and advancing East-Asian AD treatment technologies through Alzheimer's Disease Asian Initiative (ADAI) Project
Launch initiative group for ADAC (Alzheimer's & Dementia Asian Consortium) Build consortium for each research fields: ADAC for Genomics, ADAC for Neuroimaging, ADAC for Biomarker (Fluid) Asian AD genome consortium: Asian genome analysis consortium through 24000 genomes in possession by Korea, China, Japan (6000 Korean, 10,000 Chinese, 8000 Japanese).
  • The Asians make up half of all global AD patients. Also, because of China’s rapid aging, the Asian are expected to make up 60% all AD patients by 2030.
  • Current AD researches and treatment developments are focused around Caucasians, headed by USA and EU. There are scant number of research results centered on Asian AD and Asian bio medical data.
  • AD dementia is known to be heavily influenced by genomes, and the need for Asian cooperative research platform is imperative, considering East-Asian genomic similarities are very high.
  • Chosun University’s National Research Center for Dementia has organized 2017 and 2018 Neuroscience Forum on Alzheimer’s Disease (NFAD). 『Over 100 project investigator level clinical doctors and researchers have attended the seminars and discussions』
  • Chosun University’s National Research Center for Dementia has invested many years of efforts for Korea/China/Japan cooperative system.