Asian Forum on Alzheimer's Dementia 2018

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Session / Speakers

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Asian Consortium (ADAC) Session

November 23 (Fri), 10:20-12:00
  • ADAC-01“Dementia situation in China”

    ChinaJianping Jia

    AffiliationXuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University DepartmentInnovation Center for Neurological Disorders PositionDirector
  • ADAC-02“Genetic study of Alzheimer's disease in Japanese: Analysis of common SNPs and rare variants”

    JapanTakeshi Ikeuchi

    AffiliationNiigata University DepartmentBrain Research Institute PositionProfessor
  • ADAC-03“Multimodal biomedical big-data for Alzheimer’s & dementia research in Korea”

    KoreaKun Ho Lee

    AffiliationChosun University DepartmentBiomedical Science PositionProfessor