Asian Forum on Alzheimer's Dementia 2018

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Opening Ceremony & Special Lectures
November 22 (Thu), 17:40-18:50
  • Opening Remarks

    SangYun Kim

    Seoul National University
  • Welcoming Remarks

    Jianping Jia

    AffiliationCapital Medical University
  • Welcoming Remarks

    Dong-Wan Kang

    President of Chosun University
  • Welcoming Remarks

    Hyun-Ho Lim

    Scientific Director for Research Division, Deputy President, KBRI
  • Congratulatory Remarks

    Byongwan Jang

  • Congratulatory Remarks

    Kyungjin Kim

  • Congratulatory Remarks

    Byung-Chul Park

    Directorate for National Science and Engineering Programs
  • Congratulatory Remarks

    Uhtaek Oh

    Korea Institute of Science & Technology)
  • Special Lecture“Personal Big Data: Genomes, Lifelogs and Health Records”

    KoreaJu Han Kim

    AffiliationSeoul National University/ Founding chair of CPBMI DepartmentBiomedical Informatics PositionProfessor and Founding Chair