Asian Forum on Alzheimer's Dementia 2018

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Session 2 Diagnosis and Prognosis for Asian : Fluid biomarker

November 23 (Fri), 10:20-12:00
  • S2-01“The Story of Blood Based Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease”

    koreaSangYun Kim

    AffiliationSeoul National University College of Medicine DepartmentNeurology PositionProfessor
  • S2-02“Deep-mining and visualization of exosome biomarkers for AD”

    KoreaYoungshik Choe

    AffiliationKorea Brain Research Institute PositionLab head
  • S2-03“The crosstalk between blood-based biomarkers and clinical symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease”

    TaiwanJong-Ling Fuh

    AffiliationTaipei Veterans General Hospital DepartmentDepartment of Neurology PositionProfessor
  • S2-04“Identification of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in blood exosomes”

    ChinaLongfei Jia

    AffiliationXuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University PositionAttending Physician
  • S2-05“Comprehensive phosphoproteome analysis of human blood plasma shows the potential as biomarker discovery source for neurodegenerative diseases”

    KoreaZee-Yong Park

    AffiliationGwangju Institute of Science & Technology DepartmentLife Sciences PositionProfessor