Asian Forum on Alzheimer's Dementia 2018

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Session 5 Towards targeted therapeutic approaches

November 24 (Sat), 9:00-10:40
  • S5-01“Dynamic Changes of Oligomeric Amyloid 𝛃 Levels in Plasma”

    KoreaSung-Min Kang

    AffiliationPeopleBio, Inc. DepartmentManagement PositionCEO
  • S5-02“QEEG-based early prediction of dementia risk”

    KoreaSeung-Wan Kang

    AffiliationCollege of Nursing, Seoul National University DepartmentData Center for Korean EEG PositionAssociate Professor
  • S5-03“White matter lesion in Alzheimer’s Disease”

    TaiwanYuan-Han Yang

    AffiliationKaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University DepartmentNeurology PositionProfessor
  • S5-04“Therapeutic effects of novel Tau antibody”

    KoreaSeung-Yong Yoon

    AffiliationUniversity of Ulsan College of Medicine DepartmentDepartment of Brain Science PositionAssociate Professor
  • S5-05“New translational challenge towards treating AD”

    KoreaByoung Joo Gwag

    AffiliationGNT Pharma PositionCEO